In Memoriam

Line-of-Duty Deaths

Fortunately, there have been very few line-of-duty deaths in the Sheriff's Office. The first was Deputy Sheriff George Tallman, in 1888, who was a jailer at the Spring Street Jail. During an escape, four inmates slammed a cell door on Tallman's arm, breaking it in several places. He died two days later from his injuries.

In 1897, Sheriff Phil McEvoy and Undersheriff Joel Mansfield were in pursuit of a man named Thomas Flannelly, who was wanted for murder. Flannelly was tracked to a house and found hiding in a bedroom. When the door was kicked in, Flannelly fired one shot from a riflehitting McEvoy in the arm.  McEvoy contracted blood poisoning and died three days later. Flannelly was hanged in 1902 at San Quentin prison.

In 1923, Sheriff Herber Lampkin was killed when his car ran into a telephone pole during a pursuit of a speeding vehicle.

In 1927, Sheriff Thomas McGovern died from injuries sustained in a vehicle accident.  Undersheriff Pierre Larrecou was murdered whilesearching a suspect he had arrested for robbery.  Deputy Jules Jara died when his vehicle overturned while transporting a prisoner from San Luis Obispo. That year was a bad one, but was the last of a line-of-duty death in the Sheriff's Office.