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The Sheriff's Work Program (SWP) was established in 1983 as an alternative to high cost incarceration and full-time confinement in a jail facility for those persons considered low-risk, minimum-security offenders. Defendants serve time by participating in a work program, performing manual labor work in lieu of confinement. Participants must be recommended for the Program by a Court Order and pay a fee for participation.

Electronic Monitoring Program (EMP) was established in the late 90’s and the Work Furlough Program (WF) was established in the early 2000’s as an alternative to incarceration. Utilizing advanced electronic equipment and personnel surveillance, both programs provide an alternative to incarceration for the low-risk offenders with a stable housing environment. Carefully screened participants must be full time employees, full time students, and/or attend treatment programs. Participants must be recommended by a Court Order and pay a fee based on income for participation.  Participants are ultimately approved/disapproved by the Alternative Sentencing Sergeant.

If you have been recommended to participate in any of the programs, you must call the number below to schedule an appointment:

(650) 599-3030
Sheriff’s Work Program
Electronic Monitoring Program
& Work Furlough Program