Operations Division

The Operations Division is comprised of our Patrol Bureau, San Carlos Police Bureau, and Transit Police Bureau, which provide public safety services to the unincorporated areas of the county, as well as contract services to various towns and cities within the county. The Division also includes our Emergency Services Bureau and Area Office of Emergency Services/Homeland Security, which provides emergency planning, activities, training, preparedness exercises, and field responses to San Mateo County and its cities and towns.

Patrol Bureau

The Patrol Bureau strives to improve the quality of life in San Mateo County by providing a high level of public service and keeping communities safe through enforcement, prevention, education, and community policing efforts in partnership with communities, other governmental entities, and schools.

San Carlos Police Bureau

The City of San Carlos’s contract with the Sheriff’s Office maintains minimum-staffing levels for patrol, provides for the same quick response times, and restores many of the key community programs that San Carlos Police had provided during better economic times. It is the goal of the Sheriff to structure the San Carlos Bureau so that it is responsive to the City Council, the community, and the crime and quality of life issues that are unique to San Carlos.

Transit Police Bureau

The Sheriff's Transit Police Bureau provides law enforcement and investigative services to the municipal bus system in San Mateo County. Additionally, the Transit Police Bureau provides law enforcement services along the commuter railroad line operating between San Francisco and Gilroy.

Emergency Services Bureau

The Sheriff's Office Emergency Services Bureau is comprised of sworn specialized units and volunteer forces to respond to emergency law enforcement activities, search and rescue missions, evidence searches, and requests for mutual aid. The members of these units are highly trained and posses a variety of technical skills. All units are available to respond to mutual aid requests throughout the County and the State of California on a twenty-four hour basis. The goal of all Emergency Services Bureau Units is to swiftly and safely respond to requests for assistance, support, and coordinate the needed services in a manner that promotes the safety and security of the community.

Area Office of Emergency Services/Homeland Security

The Sheriff's Office of Emergency Services [OES] is funded through a Joint Powers Agreement (JPA) between the 20 incorporated cities and towns and the County of San Mateo. The cities and towns contribute money to fund the JPA based upon a formula that takes into account the population and average assessed property value of each municipality. The county then matches their fund contributions. The remainder of the OES budget comes from state and federal Emergency Management Assistance program funds and contamination/cleanup incidents.

Millbrae Police Bureau

The mission of the San Mateo County Sheriff’s Office Millbrae Police Bureau is to provide the highest quality of law enforcement services to those who reside, work, and frequent the City of Millbrae. The Bureau maintains positive working relationships with local government, city departments, community groups, the business community, and the public. These relationships continue to contribute to a safe and secure atmosphere for all to enjoy.