Administrative and Fiscal Services

Administrative and Fiscal Services provides a range of administrative and financial support to the operating divisions of the Sheriff's Office. Administrative and Fiscal Services incorporates Budget, Contracts, Grants, Accounting, Civil Support, Payroll, and Fiscal Services. The mission of the division is to ensure that taxpayers’ funds are expended in the most efficient and effective manner to provide the best in local law enforcement.

The Budget Unit is responsible for the preparation of the Sheriff's $254 million annual operating budget. Responsibilities also include: 1) monitoring resources, performing budgetary analysis, and preparing projections and financial reports to assist divisions with budget monitoring, and 2) coordinating the submission of capital project requests, tracking County STARS awards applications, tracking performance measures and budget preparation, and monitoring services for various task forces and the Office of Emergency Services JPA.

The Contracts Unit is responsible for the preparation and management of contracts. This includes contracts for services received by the Sheriff's Office and services provided by the Sheriff's Office.

The Grants Unit is responsible for grant writing, monitoring, and preparing claim submissions. The Sheriff's Office receives grants from various federal, state and local sources, including the U.S. Department of Justice's Office of Justice Programs, Office of Violence Against Women, and COPS Office; Cal-EMA; the Sequoia Health Care District; and the National Police Activities League.

The Fiscal Services Bureau oversees the day-to-day financial activities of the Sheriff's Office. This Unit serves as the liaison between the Sheriff's Office and the Controller's Office. It is also responsible for coordinating the financial aspect of the Sheriff's Work Program and the Inmate Welfare Fund.

The Accounting Unit is primarily responsible for processing payments to vendors and reviewing and recording financial transactions. Its responsibilities also include accounts receivables, which includes preparing bills to outside companies and agencies that contract for services provided by the Sheriff's Office. Accounting also handles cash receipts from the Corrections, Civil, and Records Bureaus and deposits these funds with the County Treasurer.

The Civil Support Unit provides administrative support to the Civil Enforcement Unit.

The Payroll Unit is responsible for processing the payroll for the over 800 employees of the Sheriff's Office. This includes time keeping and the input of salary information for the County's bi-weekly payroll cycle.