Deaths In Custody

An In-Custody Incarcerated Person (IP) Death is defined as the death of any person, for whatever reason (natural, suicide, homicide, accident, and undetermined), who is in the process of being booked or is incarcerated at any facility of this Office. All In-Custody Deaths are reported to the Department of Justice within two business days of the Sheriff’s Office becoming aware of the death.

Each IP death is unique and undergoes several thorough internal and external layers of investigation, review, and analysis involving: Sheriff’s Office Investigations Bureau, Sheriff’s Office Professional Standards Bureau, San Mateo County District Attorney’s Office, County Counsel, County Coroner’s Office, Correctional Health Services, and Physicians who are relevant to the incident.

The Investigations Bureau is responsible for all In-Custody Death investigations. Each death is thoroughly investigated, and upon completion of an initial death investigation where criminality is suspected, the case is presented to the San Mateo County District Attorney’s Office for prosecutorial consideration.

The County of San Mateo Coroner’s Office also investigates most in-custody deaths. Their investigation may include autopsy and pathology reports. Manner and means of death are posted on this webpage once the San Mateo County Sheriff’s Office receives a final disposition on a cause of death from the County of San Mateo Coroner’s Office.

The below information is being provided in accordance with California Assembly Bill 2761, and as part of our continued commitment to transparency.


Date of DeathCountyFacilityLocationRaceGenderAgeCustodial StatusManner of DeathMeans of Death
01/07/23San MateoEmergency DepartmentKaiser RWCWF25Booked – Awaiting TrialHomicideToxic Effects of Methamphetamine, methylendioxy-methamphetamine, and Cocaine
10/20/23San MateoMCFAdministrative Housing 3 WestWM64Booked – Awaiting TrialNaturalGlioblastoma
10/21/23San MateoMCFBHU- Behavioral Health Unit 4 WestWM34Booked – Awaiting TrialSuicideHanging
01/14/24San MateoMCFDetox Housing Unit 4 EastWM23Booked – Awaiting TrialPending Final Autopsy ReportPending Final Autopsy Report
03/15/24San MateoMCFGeneral Population Unit 5 EastWM46Booked – Awaiting TrialPending Final Autopsy ReportPending Final Autopsy Report