Inmate Mail & Money


How do I send money to an inmate?


Any one of the following two methods can be used to provide money to an inmate.

If you would like to deposit money into their account please visit: Money Deposit 

If you would like to order a package for them please visit: Package Order 


How do I address a letter?


There are 8 rules when it comes to sending mail to an inmate. They are:

1. Personal Mail:

    You must address ALL personal inmate mail as follows:
    Smart Communication-San Mateo County Jail 
    Attention to (insert INMATE NAME-ID NUMBER)
    P.O. BOX 9126 Seminole, FL 33775-9126

2. You must include your name and return address. 
3. Envelopes may not be decorated in any way.
4. Commercial Publications must come directly from a publisher.  You must address commercial publications as follows:

If an inmate is at Maguire Correctional Facility – 

    Maguire Correctional Facility
    Attention (insert INMATE NAME – ID NUMBER)
    300 Bradford Street
    Redwood City, CA 94063

If and inmate is at Maple Street Correctional Center – 

    Maple Street Correctional Center
    Attention (insert INMATE NAME – ID NUMBER)
    1300 Maple Street
    Redwood City, CA 94063

5. Mail containing contraband will not be delivered to any inmate.
6. No Polaroid pictures.  Nude photographs, pornographic photographs, erotic photographs or sexually suggestive photographs will NOT be allowed. Pornographic pictures, erotic or sexually suggestive materials, pictures, drawings, or other items determined inappropriate for the facility, as      determined by the Facility Commander, will not be allowed. 

7. Other prohibited items include:

• Literature that promotes gang activity, violence, hatred, racism, or any other item that affects the security of our correctional facilities. 
• Stamps, writing paper, envelopes, paperclips, metal fasteners, any type of adhesive sticker, including return address stickers and all other items considered as contraband in the Corrections Division Policies and Procedures. 
• Any other items determined to be contraband or pose a safety and security risk.
• Only paperback books directly from the publisher are allowed.  Hardback books are not allowed. 

8. All rules listed above apply to all mail including physical and electronic mail.   If any one of the above rules is violated. The mail will be returned or destroyed. If mail is returned, a “Return to Sender” notice shall be completed, and the mail will be returned to the sender explaining why the item was unacceptable.  The inmate will also receive notice that the mail has been returned.


Can I send a book? If so, how?


All publications – books, newspapers, magazines, periodicals, etc. – must be mailed directly from the publisher. All others will be returned to the sender.


Are there any rules about mailed publications, like books?


Yes. All mailed publications are screened and approved for forwarding to the inmate by a staff member appointed by the Facility Commander.
The following kinds of publications will not be forwarded to the inmate and will be forwarded to the Facility Commander for review:

  1. It depicts or describes procedures for the construction or use of weapons, ammunition, bombs, or incendiary devices.
  2. It depicts, encourages, or describes methods of escape from correctional facilities or contains blueprints, drawings, or similar descriptions of correctional facilities.
  3. It depicts or describes procedures for the brewing of alcoholic beverages or the manufacture of drugs.
  4. It is written in code.
  5. It depicts, describes, or encourages activities which may lead to the use of physical violence or group disruption or threatens the security of the facility and/or its staff, or is contrary to the best interest of the facility.
  6. It encourages or instructs in the commission of criminal activity.
  7. It contains sexually oriented material which includes, but is not limited to:
    1. exposed or unclothed genitalia or female breasts.
    2. actual or simulated sexual acts including sexual intercourse, oral sex, masturbation, or bestiality.