Multi-Jurisdictional Division

Multi-Jurisdictional Services provides specialized investigative and scientific analytical support to criminal justice agencies, the business community, and the general public in order to ensure public safety; provides a strong foundation for investigation and prosecution of alleged criminal activity; and allocates existing law enforcement resources efficiently and effectively through county- and area-wide collaborative partnerships with local, state, and federal partners. 

 The San Mateo County Sheriff's Office Forensic Laboratory is accredited by the American Society of Crime Laboratory Directors Laboratory Accreditation Board. The Laboratory performs analysis in the following areas: blood and breath alcohol; serology and DNA typing; impression evidence; controlled substances; latent print processing and comparisons; trace evidence; firearms; and crime scene investigations. Read more »

The Northern California Regional Intelligence Center (NCRIC) helps safeguard the community by serving as a dynamic security nexus on a variety of levels. To detect, prevent, investigate, and respond to criminal and terrorist activity, we disseminate intelligence and facilitate communications between state, local, tribal, and federal agencies and private sector partners. Read more »

What is HIDTA?

It is an important component of the President's National Drug Control Strategy, which provides additional federal resources to help eliminate or reduce drug trafficking and its harmful consequences. Law enforcement organizations within HIDTA assess drug trafficking problems and design specific initiatives to reduce or eliminate the production, manufacture, transportation, distribution, and chronic use of illegal drugs, as well as money laundering. Read more »

The San Francisco Division of the Federal Bureau Investigation JTTF brings together federal agents and local/state law enforcement officers throughout the Bay area to collaboratively work to investigate and prevent acts of terrorism. By pooling wide-ranging expertise and resources, the JTTF is more effective and efficient than any single agency working alone. The JTTF facilitates the collection and sharing of timely, vetted intelligence both with local agencies and with the larger U.S. intelligence community. This proactive collaboration allows JTTF members to quickly identify emerging threats and mobilize resources to disrupt terrorist activities. Read more »

The SMCNTF was established in 1984 and is recognized by the California Government Code as a public entity. It obtains its authority by virtue of a Joint Powers Agreement between the County of San Mateo and the incorporated cities within the county. The official mission of the San Mateo County Narcotics Task Force (SMCNTF) is to stop the flow of illegal drugs coming into San Mateo County by identifying and arresting drug traffickers, dismantling illegal drug organizations, and providing drug related training to local enforcement officers and members of the community.

The San Mateo County Vehicle Theft Task Force (VTTF) was established in 1994 by the County Board of Supervisors. The VTTF conducts investigations through a countywide coordinated effort to target specific vehicle theft crimes. It also conducts related business inspections; investigates organized auto theft activities; and provides specific training to local law enforcement agencies.

The Countywide Gang Task Force was established in August 2005 by mutual agreement between the membership of the San Mateo County Police Chiefs and Sheriffs’ Association. The Gang Task Force is comprised of personnel from each law enforcement agency in San Mateo County, the Probation Department, and the District Attorney's Office, and it utilizes state and federal resources, as well. Their mission is to take a pro-active approach to the increased presence of gang activity and related violence in San Mateo County through intelligence driven enforcement operations in order to improve the safety and quality of life in our community.

The San Mateo County Cargo Theft Task Force (AIRCATS) was created by several cooperating law enforcement agencies in response to the increasing number of thefts being reported of cargo-in-transit, particularly high tech goods and computer components. AIRCATS is staffed by investigators from the San Francisco Police Department's Airport Bureau, the San Mateo County Sheriff's Office, and the Federal Bureau of Investigation.

AIRCATS's objective is to detect, arrest, and prosecute those persons who commit such thefts and to prevent, interfere with, and disrupt the unlawful traffic in stolen cargo. To reach this goal, AIRCATS relies on cooperative relationships with freight brokers and freight forwarders operating to and from the San Francisco International Airport. AIRCATS works closely with other regional law enforcement task forces also engaged in abating the theft of both high tech and other cargo.