Coastside Patrol Bureau

The Coastside Patrol Bureau provides law enforcement services for over 60% of San Mateo County, including the City of Half Moon Bay. Due to this vast area, the Coastside Patrol Bureau has two substations that provide a variety of services to the community. Staffed with 27 full time Deputy Sheriff's, four Sergeants and one Lieutenant, the Bureau is staffed at a level to consistently supply enforcement resources any time of day or night, for any emergency.

In addition, there are two full-time Community Policing deputies that are assigned to the entire San Mateo County Coast. The primary responsibility of these deputies is to address the needs of the community. We encourage the public to voice their concerns to the Sheriff's Office. The Community Policing staff work on all problems within the community; not only law enforcement issues but all issues dealing with the quality of life on the coast.


Moss Beach Substation
500 California Avenue (View Map)
Moss Beach, CA 94038
Station - (650) 573-2801
LiveScan Fingerprinting - (650) 573-2801

Monday – Thursday *Except Holidays
8:00AM – 6:00PM

  • LiveScan Fingerprinting by Appointment Only
  • Safe Medicine Disposal Site
  • Emergency Call Box

Half Moon Bay Substation
537 Kelly Avenue (View Map)
Half Moon Bay, CA 94019
Station - (650) 726-8288

Monday - Thursday (Closed Fridays and Holidays)
8:30AM – 4:30PM 

  • Report Releases & Requirements
  • Vehicle Releases & Requirements
  • Visa/Clearance Letters & Booking Chronology Requirements
  • Safe Medicine Disposal Site
  • Emergency Call Box

Telephone Numbers:
Community Policing - (650) 573-2846
Graffiti Abatement phone number - (650) 750-2025
Abandoned Vehicle Hotline phone number - (650) 750-2030
Coastside Patrol Sergeant - (650) 573-2844
Chief/Captain - (650) 573-2853

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