Suspect who committed an armed robbery while at a house party is found and arrested.
Five female inmates busted in a drug smuggling operation inside our Maple Street Correctional Center
The Sheriff's Office Investigates an incident where a dog was shot during an attack
The Sheriff's Office investigates a gang-related shooting that injured two victims.
Iphone taken during an armed robbery in the City of San Carlos
Sheriff's Office investigates a bank robbery at a Millbrae Chase
Beware of telephone scammers who claim to be members of the Sheriff's Office
Suspects who committed home invasion in the city of Millbrae identified and arrested
Suspects involved in a home invasion are found and arrested after a 3 hour search
After School Program aid arrested for lewd acts with a child
Spouse helps detectives arrest husband for possession of child pornography
Sheriff's Office works to identify suspect in armed robbery at beach
Suspect who refused to let his girlfriend out of a vehicle arrested for kidnapping and domestic violence.
New Pet Assisted Therapy Program helps inmates with mental illness
Report from alert citizen helps with arrest in Town of Woodside
Sheriff's Office investigates a grand theft from a residence in the Town of Portola Valley
Unknown suspect grabs a female juvenile as she walks home
Suspect who flees after shooting a man, found and arrested for attempted murder.
Wanted Domestic Violence suspect found and arrested.
Investigators look for suspect who shot into the air from a moving car.