Carjacking Half Moon Bay
Astute Deputy finds Storage Burglar in Millbrae
St. Patrick's Day Safety Reminders
Alcohol Decoy Operation Half Moon Bay
Alcohol Decoy Operation North Fair Oaks
Las Vegas Stolen Car Suspect Arrested
Response to District Attorney's findings RE:Chinedu Okobi
Millbrae Auto Burglars Arrested
Half Moon Bay Rape from 2018
30 year old man's body found at Pigeon Point
Millbrae booze burglar caught
San Carlos Rape
Deputy charged with misdemeanor assault.
2 Juvenile Auto Burglars Arrested in Millbrae
Violent Attempted Robbery in Millbrae
Detectives looking for other potential sexual assault victims.
Millbrae garbage and plant vandal arrested.
Prolific Peninsula Burglar Arrested
Convicted felon, in possesion of a gun and drugs.
Robbery suspect arrested in HMB