Support Services

The Support Services Division is comprised of over 100 sworn and non-sworn personnel that are assigned to the following bureaus or units: Bureau of Professional Standards, Court Security and Transportation Bureau, Training Unit, Coyote Point Firing Range, Relief Staffing Unit, Civil Enforcement Unit, Technical Services Unit, and the Records Bureau.


(650) 363-4395

The functions of the Bureau of Professional Standards, include: candidate recruitment and background investigation; departmental personnel management; employee relation activities; investigation of complaints regarding sworn and non-sworn employees; evaluation and certification of citizens requesting special permits; and internal administration of the employee disability program.

In performing many of these functions, the Bureau works closely and effectively with staff from the Human Resources Department, as well as the County Counsel.
Citizen Complaints/Commendations, please call: (650) 363-4692.

San Mateo County Sheriff’s Office Research and Development (R&D) was established to develop and maximize resources necessary to advance law enforcement objectives and department goals through cost effective, innovative opportunities and partnerships.

The position conducts research and special projects without compromise to quality, safety, or service. We will be setting the standards to model providing professional, ethical, and efficient service to our customers and partners while achieving and inspiring the highest levels of integrity and accountability.

R&D was established to support mission critical equipment while also seeking opportunities for innovation and advancement of the department's resources. Since its inception, the R&D Division has excelled in developing and maintaining projects and opportunities with department-wide applications and benefits. R&D maintains a focus on the future needs of the Sheriff’s Office and seeks avenues to find resources necessary to meet these needs.

If you have an idea, concept, or product to enhance the safety, security, services for the Sheriff’s Office along with the community please contact: Research and Development

(650) 363-4497

The Civil Enforcement Bureau performs civil enforcement duties with integrity and without prejudice or bias in accordance with local, state, and federal laws and statutes. The Sheriff's Office role in civil enforcement is that of a neutral party, acting only on a lawful court order. Read more »

(650) 363-4544

The Court Security and Transportation Bureau provides security to the Courts, and it provides the secure transportation of inmates to/from court appointments, medical appointments, and other county and state correctional facilities.

(650) 573-2340

The San Mateo County Sheriff's Office Siebel Firearms Range encompasses nine acres in the beautiful Coyote Point Recreational Area. This newly renovated, environmentally friendly, state of the art Firearms Range utilizes a total containment trap system to recycle all brass and lead to ensure that these materials do not pose a risk to the environment. Environmental aspects of construction and management of the San Mateo County Sheriff's Office Siebel Firearms Range reduces noise pollution to be better neighbors to our community. Designed as a dual-use facility for both law enforcement and the public, it serves as the primary firearms qualification and training facility for twenty-four agencies. The privately operated Coyote Point Rifle and Pistol Club utilizes the same facility. This shared use community partnership exemplifies a wise use of a limited resource. Read more »

(650) 363-4525

The Criminal Records Bureau is known as the Custodian of Records and serves as the repository for County criminal records and as the official criminal record keeper for the Sheriff's Office and the communities we serve. Read more »

(650) 599-1570

The Property & Evidence Bureau is responsible for receiving, safely storing, and maintaining the integrity of evidence, found property, and property held for safekeeping. The Property & Evidence Bureau also releases property to its rightful owner, and facilitates the proper disposal of property in our possession. Read more »

(650) 573-2520

The Training Unit is responsible for the administration of all phases of departmental employee training, including state-mandated Peace Officer Standards & Training Commission (POST) and Board of Corrections Standards & Training for Corrections (STC), as well as specialized instruction in a broad range of law enforcement functions and activities.

The Technical Services Unit provides technological resources, support, and maintenance of all Sheriff’s Office-specific computer systems, programs, and applications that impact critical department operations, functions, and services. This service is provided to over 800 Sheriff’s Office employees. Sworn and non-sworn within two correctional facilities and multiple officers, in multiple cities.

The Technical Services Unit also perform overall application system administration activities and hardware support for the officer safety systems that are deployed within the Sheriff’s Office.

Contact: Technical Services Unit